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August 19, 2019

On Monday evening 19 August, the LSMCA Members Forum hosted Ginny Kishbauch. She provided a wonderful personal history of Lake San Marcos developed from family diaries, stories, letters, and magnificent photos. Ginny grew up an Army brat traveling with her parents all over the world. But each summer her mother would bring her to her grandfather’s ranch in San Marcos. Today we know this ranch as Lake San Marcos. Her grandfather, George Clemson, was responsible for development of the dam, in the late 1940’s. He wanted to expand ranch operations (cattle, crops) and create a place for recreation for his extended family. Ginny recalled sailing, fishing and water skiing on the lake. She talked about how much her grandfather cared about the health of the lake, saying that everyone and everything surrounding the lake depended on it. Eventually, he gradually sold his ranch in parcels to the Frazar brothers who then developed the LSM community. Ginny pointed out that George Clemson was actively involved for many years in how LSM was developed. 

Finally, Ginny provided a nice handout to attendees that included a number of historical articles about the Lake and some of her family’s historical records that shed additional insight. 


LSMCA August Members Forum Handout Part 1 (pdf)


LSMCA August Members Forum Handout Part 2 (pdf)