Hollandia Complaint and CDC Motion to Strike

 A lawsuit from Hollandia Dairy was filed in April 2019 adding many individuals and all HOAs/POAs in LSM to the water quality lawsuit, which understandably got many people in the community agitated.   Some people were served on Saturday, April 27, and then on Sunday, April 28 they were notified that they had been served in error. On Monday, April 29 we received a copy of a motion by CDC and the public agencies involved to dismiss the Hollandia complaint. The motion to dismiss and the complaint it refers to can be downloaded below.

The LSMCA’s general counsel has advised the LSMCA to not take further action until the outcome of the CDC motion is known.  If CDC is successful, the addition of new parties will be prevented without Hollandia making further application to the court.  Also, since LSMCA has not been served, there is no immediate requirement for a response or any other action.

Joint Motion to Strike (pdf)


Hollandia Complaint (pdf)