About Us

The Community Association


Mission Statement

The Association is formed to operate exclusively for maintenance of community facilities and for community betterment and education.  It will represent Lake San Marcos in discussions and negotiations with county, city and state agencies and with other organizations having influence or providing services to Lake San Marcos, including mutual service agreements with the owner of the recreation facilities.  It administers duties granted to it under various Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) recorded on various subdivisions.


Lake San Marcos Community Association is a not-for-profit California Corporation incorporated in 1971 after combining other Lake Associations that began in 1966.  The Association has a geographical area of interest in land in the County of San Diego originally owned and developed by the Frazar Brothers.  It is bordered on the north by the San Marcos High School; on the easterly side by Discovery Street, La Sombra Drive, La Granada Drive and La Plaza Drive; on the southerly side by La Plaza Drive, Via La Plaza, the lake dam and the development of ”Varadero”; on the westerly side by Rancho Santa Fe Road.


Lake San Marcos Community Association Membership is open to all present and subsequent property owners, renters and commercial center lessees.  Each residential unit or lessee shall have one vote.​

LSMCA is not to be confused with Citizens Development Corporation ("CDC") , also known as The Lodge, which operates the recreation facilities.